Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas is coming!!!

Yes it is December 1st and it is snowing.I love Christmas.Everything about it.The shopping,the wrapping,the food.Yum.So why not use this time of year to use some of those boxes you've been hanging onto,you know the ones you keep just in case.In case what? They come in handy to wrap all those things that didn't come in a box.
Well I like to trick my kids when they look at their Christmas boxes and I try to use whatever quirky box or object I can just to throw them off my trail.
I've stuffed clothes down the tubes wrapping paper come in(mostly socks and underwear but mittens too)
This year I hung on to our Chinese food boxes and the pringles jars too.
I can't tell you what I stuffed into them because although the chances of my kids EVER reading my blog are slim...I am not taking any chances.

Take a look,no one will ever guess what's in these.