Friday, September 26, 2014

352 ways to say..I love you..

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I started a project back in January ..
I think..
Everyday write down a little message to my husband.

Why I love you,what I appreciate about you..etc etc..

Well it was going well until one thing led to another and..
I couldn't finish my June book.
My FIL passed and life went downhill around

My husband left in June and my scrapbooking things..
they started collecting dust.

July was a dreary month but 
the sun came out to play again.

I decided that no matter what..I was going to finish my project.

It wasn't going to be 352 days but I think I can let that one slide.

I picked up my pen and began again.
 I started a few times in July,
have three little books that I started and couldn't finish..
simply depending on the day...
But I did it.
I finished July and I did August too.
I am currently working on September

You see,I didn't stop loving him. 
I needed to finish this for him,
for me.
And I feel good about it. 

I can't say what the future holds but I know at the end of this year he will have 10 little books that he can look through and remember,
I love him.
I was supposed to save them up and give them as a Christmas present but if you know me.
.I'm impatient.
 I finished them each month and left them for him to find.

Here are just a few of them for you...

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Julies Blogoversary Blog Hop

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Well my friends this has been an exceptionally hard year for me. 
So many things have happened and it has rocked my world. 
Not in  a good way either.

So when my internet friend and fellow CCer Julie Odil posted about doing her blogoversary hop again I knew it was time to get out of my funk and get back to crafting.

What a better way to do so than to celebrate friendship.

If it wasn't for the support of my BFF and my four legged furry friends that just seem to know when I needed a cuddle...
I think I would have wandered out into the forest and joined a merry band of gypsies....

but alas since we don't have any of those..I stayed put and took a big breath..and carried on with life.

So today we celebrate our friends. 
The ones that we have had our whole lives,just parts of our lives...the ones we have never met but reach out to us through emails and facebook forums and chat groups to the four legged ones that can be so moody yet seem to know exactly when we need some love.

We all need friends to lift us up,to laugh with,cry with,get crazy with or to just be there when we need them.
Thank you to all my friends far and wide. 
I hope this year is the best year of your lives and I  love each and every one of you.

 I received a smash book from an online friend a while back and I never really understood what to do with it since I am a more organized scrapper and messy stuff can drive me nuts but I decided to pull it out along with my markers and play while watching The Walking Dead.

(oh ya baby!)

So this is what I came up with while playing..I love this quote because I am lucky enough to have a friend like this.

It's ok..just having fun colouring really so I thought I would TRY to do an actual page...

This is the baby of our cat family.
We were told a few years ago that he had feline leukemia and were advised to have him put down.

Well after crying for a week I chose to treat his fever and let him live as long as possible.

I think it's been 4 years now and he hasn't been sick since.
 I am so glad I listened to my inner voice.
 He really is the best cuddler and knows just when I need him.

 And of course like a good friend..he was helping me take my pictures..making sure I got his good side...

Another online friend encouraged me this year to get crafting again. She told me I needed to join the next ATC group so I took a deep breath and said..ok.

Here is a sneak peek of my ATC's I sent out this week ..
I really had fun with these.

 Be sure to keep hopping,there are prizes along the way and many great friendship stories and projects to share! 

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