Friday, March 20, 2015

Julies Blogoversary Blog Hop

Welcome welcome!!!

How exciting! So happy to be a part of ....

I can't believe it's been a year already!

Well first things first...

here is the list of bloggers joining us,
just in case you get lost or just happen to stumble across my 
(very unused and sadly neglected ) blog.
Julie -

Amy Hurley-Purdie -

Brenda -

Paula -

Kary -

Ruth -

Miwa -

Karen -



Kathy -

Donna K 

Gwen -

Ema -

Polly -

Lucy -

Beth -

Corrie -

Maria -

Karen -

That's a lot of ladies! I can't wait to hop!

I know that some of the ladies are offering prizes so be sure to read through their whole post and do what needs to be done...
I'll admit..sometimes,i just look at the pretty things,so without further ado....

This is a small canvas that I sprayed with Delusions inks,covered in toilet paper and white paint. 
I made the branch with rolled up TP and the leaves are UmWoW Chipboard covered in paper.

The little owl stamps,I received from a friend(wish I could remember who)
 and then I scattered beads here and there.

Now...I make these things as we all do and 
I have no idea what to do with them after so..
here is an idea for you.

Art Abandonment.
Here is the link to the FB page,

I plan to abandon this little fella sometime soon.

Off you go now,see what other beautiful creations await you...