Thursday, February 28, 2013

Julie's Blogoversary blog hop!!

and Congratulations Julie on your Blogoversary!!!

If you just popped in to see what I've been up too be sure to head back to the start and hop along with us.
There will be blog candy along the way and some really great projects too.
Julie wanted us to celebrate friendship.
I know I have made some really great friendships here online and chances are I won't ever get to meet these new found sisters but we can have lots of fun together regardless.

I chose to make a couple cards to share with you.

On the left I used some scrap paper,inked it up and spread rock candy along the edges.I then used my sewing machine to stitch on a heart over some burlap.Quick and easy.

The flower on the right card is made from layers of tissue paper,I really like it ,looks better IRL.
I was going to send one of these to a friend I have been missing lately but we just started to reconnect again!I am so happy!Friends are the best!!

Even my daughter was in the friendship mood the other day when they had another snowday.
Her and her BF wanted to make some cupcakes.

They did a great job but I wouldn't plan on eating one though...I caught them licking each of them....girls just protecting their stuff from brothers I guess.

Well I hope you have fun hopping with us as we celebrate friendship.

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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Fur Baby Love

Meet Maggie.
She is one of  two Goldens we inherited with our new home 7 years ago.
Maggie is blind and we know her days are numbered but she's still one of the smartest dogs I have ever seen.
Maggie and her sister Jessie have lived here their whole lives and their former owners just couldn't take them when they sold so we adopted them.
Best decision ever.
I thought I could use this little box to keep some of my favourite pictures of them. 

I painted the box and chose some paper to cover the top.My favourite part are the flowers.
I made these flowers from May Arts ribbon I won.
You could use any ribbon or material that is nylon.
First cut three or four circles the same size and two smaller ones.
Cut slits in them and using your pliers,hold the edges in the heat from the flame.
You will soon see the ribbon melt and curl.
Keep doing this until you get the results you like.
Layer each of the petals together and adhere a pretty brad through the middle.
I think this is my new favourite flower.

CC Products:Time for Spring Paper paper
TH Distress Inks
American Crafts-Mini Marks Rub Ons
American Crafts- Elements pearl Brads
MM Wedding brad and pin
Jillibean Soup -Bean Stalks Twine-gray/lt pink
Liquid Pearls
Non CC -Pins
May Arts Ribbon

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

To purge or Not to Purge

Let's face it we all have too much stuff.The thought process as to why we need it differs from person to person of course,we all put value in different things.
Open any cupboard or drawer and you will see a  lot of junk that you just can't get rid of because you MIGHT need it.
The truth is you most likely don't need it,well at least not all of it.
How many elastic bands do you really need?
How many dead batteries can you fit into just one drawer anyway?

I have been following this other blog and we have a bunch of ladies that are taking the 

and also this facebook page

There are so many tips to help you oranize your stuff but about just purging some of it?

I know for me I bounce stuff around thinking I will find a spot for it long as THIS spot is neat and tidy.
Well I don't have a huge house so it bounces around a lot.

I'm not sure why I feel like I need to keep everything maybe because growing up my mom didn't keep anything.
The funny thing is,the older I get the more I realize,I don't need this stuff cluttering up my house.

Last summer friends of ours had a house fire.It destroyed their basement and everything else in it.The fire didn't reach the upper floors but the smoke did.The whole place is a write off.I always thought that would be great!
You would be able to purge all that stuff you have been saving and not feel guilty about it.Then go shopping for new stuff!!
The reality is,it would really suck.
Along with the stuff I hate but keep due to guilt..I would lose some treasured mementos.

SO..I have decided to live my life guilt free.If I don't love goes.Now mind ya I do have some things that have been handed down to the kids from various grandparents and in just a few short will be their problem to deal with.
Until then I am boxing up all that stuff.purging the stuff I can and organizing things so my house functions correctly and in the case of fire..I will know what to grab first.

no wait kids first bad..

.If I have the chance to get back into the house,I want to know exactly what I am going after so I need to be able to find it.quickly.

In the case of our friends,she had enough time to get the kids out before the smoke took over but that isn't always the case so I want to be prepared and I want to live a simple,clean life that doesn't overwhelm me every time I look at it.

On a side note..anyone want a huge collection of crystal?Cheap?