Thursday, August 25, 2011

Add a little chunk to your life..

I have been working on my mudroom reno now for...ummm...nevermind,lets just say,a while.
So we started by ripping up some old flooring due to mold and ended up replacing a whole lotta subfloor too.

This was what I was thinking about..I just love this but as usual things have taken a bit of a turn......

I had these old railway spikes that although my hubby may roll his eyes and groan everytime I drag something new home....he actually feeds my addiction to reuse old and interesting things because...he brought me home a couple buckets full of these things.

Now to be honest..I knew I had wanted them for he did bring me some home but I forgot what I wanted them for so they've been sitting in a bin in the shed for uh...two years? Yep ,sounds right.
I knew I wanted to make a really chunky shelf so I ordered up some 1 1/2 inch pine rough lumber.They've also been sitting since...June but that's not my fault the guy never called me to say they were done.

I managed to convince hubby that this shelf had to be done by this weekend.We have company coming after all and even though the room isn't done....I wanted my shelf up.
So I helped him cut and plane and I sanded and he screwed and I painted and stained and together we made my shelf.

(It's level even though the floor and ceiling aren't)

Then I proceeded to make it pretty and he're putting junk on it?Rolled his eyes and walked away.

I guess he thought I was going to use it for useful things...The fan is useful,right?
(btw...I love the colour that's why I bought it!)

I like it.
No I LOVE it!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Challenge #1

This challenge was to be inspired by a collage posted by Paula .A design team member of CC
So this was my creation.I chose to make a pom pom and included some twine gifted from my CC friend Paula .Twine from The Twinery.

It's simple and not sure if it's finished but here it is....

Monday, August 15, 2011

Purple?Seriously?I hate purple!

Well hate is a pretty strong word,lets just say I dislike it.I don't know why ,it is a really pretty colour, I just can't put my finger on the reason why.

So this week over on cropchocolate the ladies posted the recipe challenge and I was kinda stumped but decided that I was going to jump right in.

This week is busy as my hubby is on holidays and we are off to do fun stuff with the kids so I had a few peaceful hours (kids are not here) thought I'd get'er done.
This was my inspiration...but my end product is WAY different.

ya gotta scroll down a bit to the tag

I used some paper from the Fine and Dandy collection and used my purple ink pad from Stampin Up to distress it.

I branched out of my comfort zone and tried a couple new things here.

1. Purple...need I say more.
2. I used acetate and punched out a heart.
3. I used nail polish. Yep I said it, cause I can...I brushed some iridescent white on my pleats and sprinkled just a touch of sparkles.

I actually like this so much I'm going try some different colours on another layout.

So here ya go let me know what you think.
Have a great day!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bling It Up

Here's a layout I did for two reasons

1.Paula over at Scrapaddict's attic told me too and...

2. It was the next recipe challenge for

Christmas layout
Lime Green and Pink paper
Letter Sticker Title
Journaling Block

I thought lets kill two birds with one stone right..

Paula wanted bling so...

I used cardstock from Stampin Up
Patterned paper from Fancy Pants ~ Happy Holidays Collection and
Arctic Chill Collection~ along with some of their chipboard pieces

..some paper from My Minds Eye ~Fine and Dandy!
and a few scraps from I don't know where.
Added a little bling from Stampin Up and I was finished.

I'll add a picture from this years Christmas and add it to my daughters album

Friday, August 5, 2011

Shed a little light.

The other day I was browsing through my local secondhand store and I found a few more projects for me to do.
WE suffer from a lack of lighting in my house.I think it's because I am too cheap to spend 40 bucks on a lamp when I have scrapbook stuff to by,but anyway...
I picked up this lamp and thought it had a nice shape and the shade was in decent condition.

I am planning on giving it a coat of paint and possibly change the material on the shade.It's got a coat of primer on it at the moment and I AM planning on going out there to finish it up but it's just too humid right now so here I sit.

I picked up a couple other things too and plan on showing you those a little later but for now here is my next project,I hope it looks as good as I am hoping it will.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Scrapbook fever

It's certainly been a while.Almost forgot I had a blog. So I have decided to add among my many treasures,my scrapbooking pages and other stuff. I have recently met a few ladies online that have inspired me by their own blogs,to start adding more to mine.So here goes....

I love turning junk into treasure,and I have a hard time parting with it when I do, but I also love photography and scrapbooking.Here is a little page I worked on for a project on cropchocolate (my favourite scrapbook supplier!!!)
I was stumped as to what to do so I just dumped some stuff on the page,mushed it around and voila.It took some getting used to but I like the way it turned out.
What do you think?