Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Bread maker I am NOT!

I have been trying for weeks now to make homemade bread.
Not only is it better for's cheaper!
Well that is if it actually turns out for you,which none of mine have.

I don't know what my problem is but I can NOT seem to make this stuff.
I have made buns and they turned out..OK.
I can make pretzels and they turn out pretty good.
I just can't do bread.

Yesterday I tried again and failed.

But looks pretty good.Well yes it does until you factor in that it should look like this..

AND factor in that it didn't rise AT ALL until finally 3 hours later when  I said "what the heck" rolled it up and threw it in the oven anyway.
once it came out and cooled we cut into and tasted it..

all I can say is it tasted like...umm whats that stuff we used to eat in Kindergaren??..

Oh I know paste!only this tasted like dried paste..(don't ask me how I know that)

Ya it was..not good.

I have spent countless hours,mixing,kneading,punching and cursing this stuff not to mention the amount of flour I have gone through..well I give up.

Even the.."you can't get an easier bread recipe" recipe,eludes me.

I did however find a great use for the stuff

Yep,I am making a cake for a friend and this was perfect for testing out the topper.
Skewers go right through it and it's pasty enough to hold them without falling over..
.heavy enough too.

BTW I do not plan on making the cake from scratch..I have learned that lesson all too well.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Shabby Chic Jewery Holder

January's Design Team challenge is Ice.

When I think of ice I think of diamonds...maybe because that is my birthstone,maybe because they are just so darn sparkly...

Whichever the case,I decided to make an upcycled jewery holder.

Most of the time my stuff is jumbled in a ball in a drawer so I thought I would maybe also get some organizing done.

I started with a cheap(75c) item from the thrift shop.I think it was meant to hold keys.


I painted the whole thing a couple times with white paint.
Once dry I sanded all the edges and roughed it all up,exposing wood grain below.

Next I took my TH ink pads and rubbed them across the flat sections and corners to distress it a bit.
I rubbed brown ink along the edges also to give it an aged look.

Then after choosing my papers,I glued them all down on the flat surfaces and began embellishing.

This paper line is Lost and Found~MME.I love it and it will go perfectly in my daughters room..oh ya did I mention,this will never hold all my stuff so I gave it to Emma.

I also used a paper towel holder to match that will hold her bracelets.
I used the same technique and wrapped paper around the post.I also added some detail to the bottom.

I love how this turned out and it was so easy.I plan to make one for myself but maybe on a bigger scale.

Thursday, January 10, 2013


If you've just stopped by for a visit,head on back to Ambers blog to begin the hop.

You should have gotten here from Miwas blog. 
If you haven't already guessed..I'm Christina but my friends and family call me Chris.

I made it to the next DT for CC and I couldn't be any happier!
Well I could if I was sitting somewhere warm typing this post..
Brr it's cold here.

 There are a few things you should know about me.

I snort sometimes when I laugh.Can't help it.

My favourite flower is a pink tulip.

I had the most awesomest (that's a word right?)car when I got my licence...
a 1978 Camaro!!
I miss that baby.

My favourite colour is pink..wait I can't decide..ask me tomorrow.

I am not a perfectionist as my mother likes to say..if I was my house would be much cleaner than it actually is..I just like things done ..
my way.

Nothing wrong with that is there? 

I mean when I am working on a project I do want it to be perfect don't we all?

I think my first project turned out pretty awesome..even if I do need to tweek it a bit...well maybe my mother was right....

I always wondered what it would be like to live in the 1800's and  have to wear a dress like this all the time. Might be interesting..they scrapbooked back then didn't they?

My second entry most of you have seen and it's one of my favourites.Not sure how I'll ever top this one.

I loved making this house.I added so many little surprises that each time you look you see something new.My DD couldn't keep her hands off it so now it sits up on a shelf until next Halloween.

Well those are my projects and I'm sure you'll love the next one you're about to see at my good friend and fellow Canadian Corries blog.

 Just in case you get lost..

Happy Hopping!!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Year,New Team!!

Well 2012 is over..finally.
We all escaped the end of he world,actually it was a pretty nice day.
Since life didn't end,I guess we'll have to keep working on our Design Team projects for Cropchocolate.

 Join us this weekend for the New design Team Blog HOP where you will get to meet the new team and see some amazing projects!

Januarys theme was ICE.
These next three ladies all had very different ideas of what ICE is.

Jenni aka mom2two created this great layout of her family ice skating at Rockefeller cool would that be!
 See her post HERE

Next belle made this really neat magnetic board to hold her altered mouse traps.These are really cool.This project reminds me of Narnia.Check out the instructions on using tin foil,that's right 

This week is Jasmines project.I just love her little house all covered in ice.
Isn't this cool!Check it out HERE

Great job ladies!!

I have two challenges from Cropchocolate to show you first off,we were challenged to do a project based on another DT's project.
I chose Miwas Halloween cake from this post

This is my version.

This weeks challenge was:
From Karey2005 and by belle:
The extra stress of the holidays are over so we thought it would be an awesome time to de-stress! The challenge this week is to create a card, lay-out, or other project using distress ink, distress paint or other techniques for distressing paper (sanding, tearing, etc).

I did my first layout of the year!!

 The colour is a bit off and I am not sure I like it now but it fits the challenge and it's done.

See you soon!!