Monday, May 14, 2012

Grade 8 grad and other things...

Phew,Alice is over and now we're on to other projects.

May has been and is going to be a crazy busy month.I swore I wouldn't do it but I did,I volunteered to head up the decorating committee for grade 8 grad.Now the last time I did this it meant committee=me .
This time around I actually have some help!

The few parents that showed up for the meeting decided to go with a Hollywood theme.That's what the kids are using for their awards to each other so we will build on it.
Well if you know me I can't keep anything simple.I thought ..
.Hollywood glam
  so here are a few of the ideas I've  been playing with...

 Love the balloons on the ceiling thought we could mix in a few strands of stars with them
 Outside the doors would be this great red carpet and inside would be the arch,Running along the floor I just loved the idea of these stars.I am still looking for the "right" glitter to cover them..I'm going to need about 400 stars just to get the look I am going for.

The tables will be covered in white paper with a black paper runner complete with chalk to doodle me grad can be boring..

I think my favourite part will be the giant Hollywood sign behind the grad table.I'm making these from cardboard kinda like my Painting the Roses Red bushes..remember those?Stay tuned for pictures of those.

 (yes it does look  a lot like a wedding doesn't it.)

If they would concede to the parents wishes we could hold this thing in the gym, only invite parents and have so much less room to work with .

As it is we rent a huge hall,you can invite whomever you like and we have to decorate it. Now just throwing up balloons and a few streamers would look pretty cheap
(our  whole budget is $150,tell me what you get for that?)

Good thing I am good at rummaging up stuff for FREE!!!

 I'm working on getting some great items for all the centerpieces,film strips,canisters and I will be making some clapboards like this also.It's a good thing this time around one of the ladies has connections to an antique dealer...YAY!
He said he'd find us anything we need..for free!!!
IT's one of the kids uncles so lucky us!

I  also have a great photo booth setup in mind,a couch,some trees, a red background,lots of twinkly props and if I get really lucky an actual 1940 Vintage Indian in RED with a sidecar for the kids to have photos done!!!!!

I'm excited about that!I traded some of my Alice props for a photographer to come do some really fun shots of the kids,I can't wait!

So that's my life right now,grad is in June and then I'll be working on the Zurich Fair stuff too ,not to mention the ZACK program I am planning on working on in June I really nuts or what?

I also tried out for the Design Team over on Crop Chocolate so keep you eyes peeled for that news.I just squeezed in under the wire.

You can see all my ideas and find the links to each picture on my Pinterest page here

Phew, time for  a drink.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Alice in Wonderland

Ok guys so this is what I've been up  to for the last 5 months....this week is opening night!!

I managed to snap a few pics during dress rehearsal yesterday..not only did I help direct,but I did all the sets,props,some of the costumes and I get to run the lights too!!

The pics aren't the greatest I have a good camera but not a great lens's hard to take pics and remember lighting cues...who knew?

Here's a little peek for you all....

This is from I'm Late...(my son is the rabbit...ain't he  a cutie?)
                              Alice lands in front of the door,it has 3 sides and changes for each Alice
                                                 Caucus race with Dodo and sea creatures
                                             These two are my,the Tweedles.
                                          Here are our girls of the Golden Afternoon.

                                                             ...and our butterfly.

                                                    Don't forget the Unbirthday Song
                                                       and our Queen(today is her birthday...)
                                                         Happy Birthday Hannah!!

So that's it that's all folks...this is what we've been up to.
Wish us luck!!