Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Alice in Wonderland

Ok guys so this is what I've been up  to for the last 5 months....this week is opening night!!

I managed to snap a few pics during dress rehearsal yesterday..not only did I help direct,but I did all the sets,props,some of the costumes and I get to run the lights too!!

The pics aren't the greatest I have a good camera but not a great lens's hard to take pics and remember lighting cues...who knew?

Here's a little peek for you all....

This is from I'm Late...(my son is the rabbit...ain't he  a cutie?)
                              Alice lands in front of the door,it has 3 sides and changes for each Alice
                                                 Caucus race with Dodo and sea creatures
                                             These two are my,the Tweedles.
                                          Here are our girls of the Golden Afternoon.

                                                             ...and our butterfly.

                                                    Don't forget the Unbirthday Song
                                                       and our Queen(today is her birthday...)
                                                         Happy Birthday Hannah!!

So that's it that's all folks...this is what we've been up to.
Wish us luck!!


  1. that is awesome! loves all the sets & costumes... fantastic job!

  2. Looks amazing! Good luck! ANd I hope you share more of your set pieces in another post!

  3. Looks great! I wish I could attend a performance!

  4. What a colossal amount of work! Everything looks so good...the sets, props, and costumes...all awesome. And the Rabbit is a real cutie too. Thanks for sharing and good luck with the show!

  5. It all looks great! The costumes are fantastic and great work on all the set pieces and someone who worked in theatre for 3 years, I know what kind of work goes into this stuff!! Break a leg tonight!!

  6. Everything just turned out great. It looks like all your hard work really paid off! Good luck.