Friday, September 26, 2014

352 ways to say..I love you..

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I started a project back in January ..
I think..
Everyday write down a little message to my husband.

Why I love you,what I appreciate about you..etc etc..

Well it was going well until one thing led to another and..
I couldn't finish my June book.
My FIL passed and life went downhill around

My husband left in June and my scrapbooking things..
they started collecting dust.

July was a dreary month but 
the sun came out to play again.

I decided that no matter what..I was going to finish my project.

It wasn't going to be 352 days but I think I can let that one slide.

I picked up my pen and began again.
 I started a few times in July,
have three little books that I started and couldn't finish..
simply depending on the day...
But I did it.
I finished July and I did August too.
I am currently working on September

You see,I didn't stop loving him. 
I needed to finish this for him,
for me.
And I feel good about it. 

I can't say what the future holds but I know at the end of this year he will have 10 little books that he can look through and remember,
I love him.
I was supposed to save them up and give them as a Christmas present but if you know me.
.I'm impatient.
 I finished them each month and left them for him to find.

Here are just a few of them for you...


  1. I'm sorry you have to go through that---but that is an awesome project! And it is great that you are finishing it up! Turned out great!

  2. What a beautiful project, sorry for your stuggles

  3. Hun you just brought tears to my eyes.
    I can feel the love eminating from this page.
    This is an amazingly brave post for you to have written, and a truly brave project for you to have forged ahead with.
    You are so strong and wonderful, and I can only hope that everything works out well for you.