Monday, November 8, 2010

All I wanted was a little room to call my own!!

It started out as a pretty simple plan(in my mind) to make our large and cluttered mudroom smaller,enabling me to create a new space.One for just me and my scrap booking fetish.
The plan went like this.
Step 1...knockout the closet
Step 2...knock out the interior window to make an opening for a new door.
Step 3...throw up a little bit of drywall,build a wall,lay down some carpeting,oh run some new hydro lines..voila.I'd be up and scrapping in no time.Right.

So once the wall was removed for the closet we debated on moving some flooring around.It's just one of those floating snap together floors and we were putting tile in the entryway instead we started taking it apart.Worked just fine BUT...yep... arch enemy reared it's ugly face.I've been fighting this enemy since the day we moved in,I knew he was hiding waiting biding his time,just waiting to strike back.
MOLD.Grr,mold all under the floor and yep you guessed it,up the wall too.
Off comes the floor,off comes the wainscoting,off comes the drywall and now the sub floor is about to be cut out.
It's gonna be a bit I think before I'm cozied up in my new little office.

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