Thursday, November 18, 2010


While browsing the Internet for Christmas ideas I stumbled upon my Etsy link.
I found some really awesome stuff and began click click clicking to purchase some wonderfully handmade items to hand out to my beloved friends and family.
Then I realized "HEY! I can do that!"
So I did!Well I tried anyway.
I found these great little pendants from a little shop called Pieces of Me Pendants.She recycles(love that)scrabble pieces and typewriter keys into beautiful little gems.
I snagged a few of those beauties and congratulated myself on finishing off some shopping.
Then I ran to my games closet to dig out the old musty and dusty scrabble board to try and make some myself.
I rummaged around in my scrap paper and found some cute little papers and I tried printing off some lettering(gunna need to ask the kids how to do more intricate designs later).
I went to ebay and ordered some glue on bails(had no idea what these were called but they are the loopy thing that goes on the back) form shipping yay!.
I set out to work!Found some cute images online,since I am not planning on selling these I assume I am ok,and took some of my own pictures printing them out onto some paper.
Note...need a better printer but since they are so small 3/4 inch small...they will do.
So in totally I think each one will cost me about 65c.
Not too shabby eh!

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