Friday, January 27, 2012

Curiouser and curiouser

So things seem to be extremely busy these days.I have been working like crazy on some Alice in Wonderland props so I thought I would share my progress so far.

I've been making giant mushrooms with paper mache.I started by using an umbrella as the base and covered that in plastic.Then I used strips of paper and my paste (flour and water) and layered them on.

It was looking pretty good I thought and then during the drying process...someone knocked it over. I won't point any fingers but I do have three kids,two dogs and three cats so anyone could be guilty.
It dried kinda wonky so I had to add a few more layers then I thought.

So after adding a few more layers,I also added some real paper mache clay to help strengthen it,fill in some LARGE dents and texture it in a much more pleasant way.
As you can see it's rather large,6 feet-ish to be exact-ish.I used a sonotube (those things they pour cement in for deck posts and such) as my stem.
I plan to wire some lights up inside and add the gills with an old sheer curtain.Not sure what colour to paint it yet though.

Did I mention how very heavy this sucker is?

The next thing I have been working on are the red rose bushes for the Queen.I started by cutting out two large hearts from cardboard.I used 2 inch strips of cardboard and hot glued them around the outside.Then I inserted some strips inside for strength,put in my pole,spray foamed and waited for them to dry.I then glued the top heart on with carpenters glue.Then I placed heavy books on top until it dried.

Next I covered it in the paper mache clay,textured it ,painted it,used my glimmer mist to add dimension(I can't get it to spray without dripping so here it worked great!) and voila!

Next step is to make a flower box,put it on casters and add my roses.I have been playing around with whether to use silk from the dollar store or make paper flowers.I even thought about trying this method using plastic spoons.

I plan to make this next....

Giant crockery stack.

Until next time....

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  1. Wowsers! It is big! Can't wait to see the finished mushroom and the tea cup stack!