Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Unbirthday Party!

Alice:Oh excuse me,I didn't mean to crash your birthday party.

March Hare: It's not a birthday party, it's an unbirthday party.

Alice: An unbirthday party?

Mad Hatter: well you only have one birthday party each year, but you have 364 unbirthdays!

Happy Unbirthday!

So it's been work work work!!

I've been working hard to get some props done for Alice In Wonderland Jr and be at all the rehearsals too.It's going to be great! GREAT I tell you!

The kids are having fun and so are we.
This weekend I managed to finish up a few of the props.
Well almost.I decided at the last minute that since the Dormouse from Alice isn't actually in this version,I would add him to his favourite spot.

The teapot.

So I began carving him out of clay but that darn.."doesn't shrink" crap did.
So I have to do a little repair work before I can paint him.Then I need to make him his own little teapot.

here's my inspiration

And so far this is what I have.

Once this little guy is dry and nestled in his teapot I will add him to the tea cart.

I made all the teacups out of paper mache,and after dropping one off the top ...onto my head,
I can say from experience,they are very heavy.

Wanna see my lump?

All in all I am pleased with the way it turned out and should be easy for the kids to bring on stage.

The other project I completed this weekend was the rose bushes.Remember those?

Well now they are done.

The white roses are removable so the cardsmen can replace them with red roses during the song.

Well that's all I have done for now,some of our costumes came in this week too and I'm so excited to see them!!
I am truly a dork.


  1. Great work! Looking forward to see the rest!

  2. WOW! These look great. The tea cart is AMAZING!

  3. Love the tea cart! Awesome job!

  4. You are VERY talented girl!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the teapots and can't wait to see the finished door mouse!!!

  5. That tea cart is!!! Thanks for the "recipe" . . . I need to find a project so I can try it. Thanks again . . . and GREAT job!!!