Monday, November 26, 2012

November DT Project do-over..

Well as I said before,I had finished my block letters THANKFUL but then realized Julie had done that before me so even though Amber said it was ok,I decided to do a different one.

I didn't mind at all because I had been wanting to do this project for a while anyway.

I am truly thankful for my family even if they drive me crazy some days.
Having two teenagers is really nuts and my DD is turning 10 today with the attitude of a 16 year old so the next few years are guaranteed to be rough going.

Even still,I love them,I wouldn't trade  them in for anything...not even a pony.

I chose to do a 3d star with photos of my family.
Here is the pin that inspired this project.

I made this from cereal boxes!I was going to paint it black but decided to leave the brown of the cardboard.
I made the mistake of printing my pictures smaller thinking it would be easier to cut to fit but next time I would  keep them 4x6.

I used Summers End paper pad from CC and the chipboard accesories to finish it off.
All the edges are distressed with brown ink.
If you would like instructions on how to make this, head over to Instructagram by clicking on the link at the bottom.

Leave me a comment here and go back to to let me know you did and I will pick one lucky person to recieve a little thank you in the mail.


  1. Gorgeous! And I commented on the Crop too!

  2. What a great project! It really is beautiful :) And I also commented on the Crop.

  3. That's awesome Chris........

  4. What a great project Christina! I love everything about it! TFS!

  5. I love this have always wanted to make a barn star. now even better reason to use scraps!!!

  6. Beautiful work Chris! I love this! :0)

  7. Chris! This is fantastic! And now I know what I'm going to make next weekend! :-)