Saturday, March 2, 2013

Mmmm Cake..ugh more cake?

I have been baking and baking it seems like for a few weeks now.
Everyone wants cake and believe me I have seen more than enough...eaten more than enough too!

There are always left overs when I bake.

Here are a few of the creations I have been working on.
I do love to decorate cake but I love scrapbooking even more....too bad I haven't had any time for it.


I made this one  a few weeks back you might remember my post Bread Maker I Am Not...
well this is how the cake turned out.

This one was for practice.The gems aren't edible .I bought them from

My niece had her 6th birthday and I made her this cake covered in buttercream icing and flowers.

 Instead of a big cake I made a small one with cupcakes to match.

 The exact same day I had my MIL's 60th birthday party to go to and I was nominated to make the cake.

 I recently began making smash cakes for a friend.
Check out her facebook page
and website

These two cakes were made the same about stressful!

My mom is on the board for New Frontiers a group that places and takes care of handicapped persons.My aunt lives in one of the homes they support and this is for their 22nd Anniversary.

Here's another smash cake for Steph


.here's just a little extra cake and icing..I have a whole bag of extra cake in the freezer...want cake?

I have another smash cake to do for next weekend...stay tuned to see that baby.

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