Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Grandmas Quilt Project

First off,my grandma never made a quilt.
She didn't sew or knit but she did live beside a golf course.
(That's what you just thought to yourself)
 does a golf course have to do with grandma?
Well as a kid I remember walking through the fields collecting golf balls.
We'd give them to my aunt who would sit and peel them.Ever seen the inside of a golf ball?
It's not that exciting.
When I saw this next piece at the secondhand store,I knew I had my project plus it reminded me of a patch work quilt.

I have been wanting to do a shelf or something for my DD to hold her nail polishes and I thought this would work quite well.

I saw a tutorial on using Almers glue to create dimension to a project so i decided to try it out.

First I stamped an image and then ran a bead of glue around the image.I added a resin flower to the center and waited for it to dry.

Next I layered my paints and sanded each back a bit.Last I distressed it with ink.

After cutting all my papers to fit and adding a bit of embellishing,it was ready to go!

I used a little inspiration from a few fellow DT members.

Can you guess which ones?
I will put everyone's name in a hat to win a prize if you get 3 out of the 4 I was inspired by.

Good luck!!
ETA:For those of you that don't know where to look check out The Crop and see if you can guess who I was inspired by


  1. OK, I guess Kàthy, Nina, Jasmine and me ;). I love this project Chris!! GREAT upcycling!!

  2. Gorgeous Chris! I love the glossy accents on the butterflies!!! How come I never find cool things like this at the thrift store?!

  3. This is sooo fabulous!!! I had to look through all the recent DT posts--I'm going to guess:Michelle/belle (that was the first one that came to mind!), Jenni, D2? (with the buttons?), Becky (because of the papers?).

  4. I Love this project! And love the story behind it. :) As for who inspired you - I am going to guess D2, NinaN, Michele and me . . . I would have said Christina for the 4th, but that's YOU. lol

  5. OMG I love this its such a great project and great technique

  6. Love this project, Christina! I never find such great items at the second-hand store! So my guess is Michele, D2, Kathy & Jasmine. Wonderful job :)

  7. Awesome nail polish cabinet!
    Here are my guesses
    You (for the flower)

  8. I love this, I immediately thought of Jasmine, than Dee Dee( as she loves altered art and than by Belle. But I bet you almost took a little something from all the design team members! I like that you found this at a thrift store, and made it fabulous.

  9. OK, super cool idea with the glue and flower! LOVE how that turned out!