Thursday, September 27, 2012

Blog Hop!!


If you have just stumbled across my blog,head back to Ambers to begin the hop if not..carry on!
This is the last stop on the 

  OWH Blop Hop
There will be blog candy offered from CC to all that participate and some others along the way also..After hopping be sure to head back to Cropchocolate and let them know you've finished. 
By now you should know that all cards must be 50% CC. 
 The blog hop runs from September 28 - 8am until Oct 8 -8am mst

If you don't know what OWH is head on over to their website and take a peek.

                         Lots of requirements so please make sure you read everything.

                      OWH is an American site which everyone is welcome to participate in.
 Be sure to check out this page for where to send your cards and what they are in most need of.
Since some of us on the Design Team are from Canada,
we found a place to send cards to for the Canadian Armed Forces.
Feel free to contribute to both.

Canadian participants can follow the OWH rules also,
pretty much the same.

Corinne Braun6-300-108th St, Saskatoon, SK S7N 1P8
 OK I hope that's all the info you need and on to the scrappy stuff!

My challenge to you is to make at least one card
 with an unusual fold .
For example .....

I turned the corner up and stamped a little saying there.

Easy as a matter of fact this is going to be my go-to card for the OWH cards.

I will be able to make a whole bunch of these to send and that is good because right now,
I am so outta inspiration.
I'm in a scrappy slump..ever been there?
Let's hope it clears up quickly.

 I stamped the little tree with my Snag'em Stamp from Cropchocolate

 I added some bling to this one

 ..and some pearls to this one

my happy holidays is an old Stampin Up stamp and it is inked with TH's Barn Door .
The twine came from CC and the button is from the dollar store.

 Next up I thought about doing something a little harder so I tried this trifold card.
I don't follow instructions well so I just wing it most times.

Needless to say,I usually mess up my first try,however I used it anyway.

I cut the folds too short so I had to add a bit of paper to the side..opps.
This card actually turned out ok I think,I decided to glue the front fold down and make a pocket so I could insert this cute little tag too.

 I used MME Merry Days of Christmas kit for this card along with a few pins and a couple of stamps from CC.

Plenty of room to write a message.

On to the last one!
This one is my favourite!Maybe beause it's my favourite Christmas Paper.
MME Lost and Found Christmas

 Again..I measured wrong so I had to add a little trim to the inside folds.I really like how it turned out though so I'm ok with screwing up once in a while..ahem...

Here you can see how the folds work,this card is a bit bulky so I had to add the ribbon around it so it would stay closed but I really like the way it turned out.

Well just when I thought I was done..I decided to do one more.

This collection comes from Winterland,another new favourite of mine.
I don't have a fancy machine to use sissix dies with
(i could borrow one but I am too impatient and just want to do it)
So I cut this shape by hand. 

I added some bling to the ribbon and distressed all the edges.

So that's it folks!
Be sure to link up your creations with MR Linky and you'll be eligible to win my blog candy.

Win you say?
That's right in order to win you must 

1. become a follower.

2.Go check out if you haven't already

3. Leave a comment


4. Link up your project!
Be sure to let them know over a CropChocolate that you hopped and commented along the way..

Hope you all have fun creating and maybe your creations can inspire me again!

Have fun and good luck!


  1. I love your first card . . . so simple, but so elegant at the same time. Love the rest of them, too! You did a GREAT job, Chris!!!

  2. Wow, Chris! Your cards blew me away, they are amazing! You're so funny... and it's just a testament to how creative you are, that you roll with the punches and create something even better than the original with a so-called "mistake". That's creative genius, my friend!

  3. Oh my goodness! Your cards are beautiful!!! I love your usage of pearls and bling. Great job. You might have to do tutorials for the rest of us. :)

  4. This sounds like such fun! I've decided to work backwards in the blog hop so I will start with your challenge tonight. Time to get crafty...

    Love your creative folds!

  5. Those cards are all so fantastic! I thought the first one was my fave, but now I'm not sure. Great job!

  6. I can't believe you hand cut. Very impressed as I know if I tried that it would be a hot mess lol. Love your cards as always!

  7. what i need is some time to get crafty!! Hope it's coming soon!!

  8. Yay! Just linked up a couple cards. I think more will be coming. ;)
    Your cards are BEAUTIFUL!!

  9. Your cards are fantastic. Mine looks pretty wimpy after looking at your beauties. I just linked up 2 gatefold cards I made this afternoon.

  10. Wow!!! I love gatefold cards and yours are really pretty!!! Now I need to go and create!

  11. wahoo, I finally got yours done! Hope using the same fold for all eight of mine was ok

  12. I am a follower. I love all of your cards-I see lots of creativity there-you must've gotten some mojo back! I hope to get to your challenge this weekend.

  13. My last one I have finished the hop and linked all my cards! Now I need to get some cleaning done!

  14. I scraplifted one of your folds! Fun cards and fun challenge!!

  15. I love your cards they are great ... I wasn't sure I was going to do one for this challenge but saw a you tube video on a tri-fold card and I had to try.


  17. Hi Chris, just linked up my card for this challenge. I thought I might be running out of steam when I got down to the last challenge but I was so happy with the card I did for this one. I posted all the cards I did this weekend on one blog post so you'll have to scroll down a bit to get to yours but it's there, I swear! Thanks for such an inspirational challenge.

  18. I am linked up. I am a followe.

  19. great cards, I am linked up. Thanks for the inspiration, I used a gate fold card on most of them.

  20. Hi Chris, I am linked up now, I actually scored and then used the fold as an edge that I then used a punch on, hope that was OK. I loved your first cards, so simple and yet so elegant!

  21. ooh--I folded the corners, and used black stones on my folds!

  22. Is it still open? Love the cards! Would an easel card count? Thanks!