Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Master Crafter challenge

So I signed up for this Master Crafter box over on Sarah Hamer Designs blog.

This is what we got in the package 

You have to use the stuff in the box but can use anything from your own stash.

I was inspired by Jim the Gentleman Crafter with this project he did..please check it out..it's cool..
Here is mine...

I have a bit of touching up to do to try and hide the hot glue but it turned out better than I thought.
I used all the box requirements and some stuff from Cropchocolate too..

We will be linking up our projects October 4 and then you will all have a chance to vote on your favourites!(Please pick me!!!)kidding..vote for what you love.


  1. That's really cool! I like it a lot!

    Did you like the scissor mouse? I saw it at Ms and thought it looked kinda silly, but I'm curious if it works well...

  2. So very cute. I would like to scraplift this, but don't know if i can.

  3. That is FANTASTIC! I can't believe you put together something so incredible so quickly! Seriously amazing.

  4. The mini album inside is an awesome surprise. great job!

  5. Great job Chris!! I saw the original the other day...you did a fantastic version of it. Love it!!

  6. Ok---That is totally AWESOME!!!!

  7. This is really cute, love the bling and the mini book.

  8. That mini album is really nice. I love how the journaling boxes and embellishments span both pages. Beautiful and such detail.

  9. This is gorgeous. What an awesome tribute to the great Jim's talent. You did fabulous. Gorgeous use of all the papers in the stack and love that top hat!
    Jessica S

  10. That is all so very AMAZING! great job, good luck

  11. Thanks for participating in the Master Crafter Challenge! A link to your project will be in the State Line Bag photo album on Facebook.
    Master Crafter Projects