Monday, December 31, 2012

My Favourite things...1 year in review.

So a couple ladies over on CC have decided to showcase their favourite things that they have done this year and I thought maybe I would join in..
AS you will notice not all of them are scrapbook related.

 I don't remember why I did this acrylic album but one lucky person got it in the ,mail.It was a challenge but I liked it and since I don't use mini albums I thought I would just give it to someone that does.

 I love this layout and about two minutes after completing it..I lost those stamps...somewhere in my scrap room but I have yet to find them...

 This past spring we were informed one of our cats had feline leukemia and we were advised to put him down.This picture reminds me of how much we love him...and we chose not to put him down..he is doing well and hasn't been sick since.So glad I listened to my gut instinct instead.

 This was a challenge based on your favourite book.Inside is a dragonfly for DRagonfly in Amber.
I added a picture of my mom as a child also but she told me it looked better without it so I removed it..

 This past Thanksgivig we went camping and it was honestly my favourite camping trip ever.

This was my bigest project and I did this for Octobers DT.
Probably the most time consuming but I just love it.

Lastly my most favourite of them all...

Hope you had a great year and see you in 2013.


  1. All your creations are great Chris but I too absolutely love the caged butterfly!!

  2. A super cool collection of favorites :)

  3. Beautiful projects and pictures!

  4. Gorgeous projects Chris! And the pictures are all fantastic too!

  5. Stunning pictures and very cool projects!

  6. Great projects and pictures Chris! I agree with Michele and you - that caged butterfly is gorgeous. Love them all!

  7. Love the picture of your daughter and the cat. Already knew your projects would knock my socks off because they always do.

  8. Love that haunted house. It's so detailed! Thanks for sharing.

  9. LOVE that picture of your daughter(?) and the kitty. What an amazing picture. Makes me smile. I have a cat myself and just love him to bits!