Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cage the Clutter

So a couple years ago I found this great box while shopping at a secondhand store.I just knew I had to have it and so I bought it.
I wasn't sure what it was used for but I knew a man had owned it.It likely housed lots of screws,bolts,oily things and a bunch of useless things that men think they have to have.
It had paint spilled on it and smelled kinda funky but I knew it was worth buying so I snatched it up for 20 bucks.As I walked to the van with my new treasure my mind began conjuring a story for my husbands sake about where I found it and how much it was.I had my story all planned out and when I said "Hey look hunny at my new fabulous find",he glanced over (and I'm sure he rolled his eyes)and said,"Hmm thats nice."
No story needed here.
So I cleaned it up and it sat on my coffee table,piano,side table..wherever the mood took me, for the next few years.It housed,remotes,magazines,all those wires that come with Playstation,Nintendo etc until the day I decided it was taking up too much horizontal space.All it did was collect dust and since everyone put their cups full of milk,koolaid and rum(yum) on it,no one could ever get into it without making a mess.
So I thought to myself,"Self..what to do with it?"
I decided to make a message board out of it.Yay! now all those school papers and stuff I know I NEED to keep but not always sure why,have a place to go,instead of my refrigerator door.
I used some foam insulation leftover from our workshop and covered it in some leftover scrap material.
Looks great on my wall and houses all those papers I hate so much.

I plan on making more out of old windows my husband brought home.
I can't wait.

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  1. Chris GREAT Blog I enjoy seeing the used things you buy and find new uses for them. By the way I have some Old windows up in the shop .That I would offer to you but would like to keep a couple to use for picture frames.
    That old picture frame you covered to use for pictures looks familiar:) I liked what you did to it.
    And i loved the little white bench.
    you will have to come check out my upper shop maybe there will be some treasures up there for you to put to good use.