Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Welcome .My first blog.(I hope)

While my friend and I were lamenting to each other about our mid life crisis and all the things we'd like to do if only....(and listening to my husband complain about me needing to get a job..ahem excuse me?)
It came to me,I want to do something I love to do otherwise I'll just be grumpy...and no one wants that I assure you.
I love to recycle stuff,buy something that no one else wants and make it into something beautiful house,but that's a whole other story...
So why not?My friend has an eye for finding cool stuff (insert husband rolling eyes here and substituting junk for cool..) and I thought I'd suck her into my plans too.
We both love"junk hunting"I love a bargain,I just love making things beautiful again,and I want to do it as cheaply as I can because I hate spending money if I can help it.
Did I tell you I love the dump?Cool stuff gets thrown away there.I once got a whole piano!
Anyway,so this is my plan,Julia and I will be recycling some great stuff into new great stuff.And people will flock to us and buy everything!!!(sigh)
That's a job.


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