Monday, October 18, 2010

When do you just give up?

I'm sure every DIYer has had this moment when something you thought was going to be great...well just isn't working.
I bought this little telephone cabinet one day.It's just made from plywood and my husband thought it was crap.Yep I'm pretty sure he said crap.

Those words just make me want to prove him wrong.
(He knows me so well..I hate to admit defeat and worse,I hate to admit he was right.)

So I removed the back and began sanding this piece,realizing all the while,I think he actually might be right.Dang it!I refuse to give in.

After priming the piece and realizing that even primer isn't adhering,I wonder what I should do next.Firewood? Never it cost me a dollar!I sand'er down again and put a second coat of primer on.
Well that's better so I forge ahead and give it a couple coats of paint.Nice,it was looking good until ..yep until. While placing it ever so gently down,the lid pops open smacks a piece of metal and scraps off the paint.

That was three days ago.
I think I need to stay away for a bit.

I'll fix it later.

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