Friday, October 15, 2010

Foot notes

After deciding that this was what I really wanted to do I began my hunt for new treasures,not that I don't have enough stuff hanging about but anyway...I found this really cute little footstool.It was not in very good shape at all.There was water damage,the veneer began to buckle and peal,the top was quite dirty and stained.I got it at a great price and dragged it home.
My kids heard me talking about how I wanted to turn this into a business that with any luck I could actually make a couple bucks too.Well they thought it would be great to help mom and they'd get paid too.Yep,that lasted for all of five minutes when they realized how hard it really is to strip off veneer that doesn't want to be stripped.
After some grunting and groaning and sweat dripping from my body,I managed to wrestle the footstool down and took care of all that cracked material.
I removed the top,and sanded the stool down in preparation for priming.
After a few coats of primer and paint I had my stool ready to reupholster.
Now I love buying stuff from Ebay...who doesn't but sometimes when you get excited and start clicking,you don't always get what you thought you were going to get.
Needless to say I bought some material that once it came,wasn't what I thought I had bought but upon further investigating.I did.
That's OK though because it really is cute and I will use it for another project.
So I did manage to find some great material though.Again at a great bargain form a second hand store.They had a bunch of leftover material bagged up and I thought it looked cool.
So this is what I used and I think it turned out great.I like It so much I'd like to keep it but alas,I'll never make any money if I don't actually try to sell the stuff I've made now will I.

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